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Safe Lifting Workshops

Whether you are learning the difference between transferring and lifting or you require a refresher course, we have the workshop for you!

Workshop Learning Objectives:

  • understand the neutral spine
  • know how to use the pelvic brace
  • understand the basic lever arm and fulcrum terms
  • understand foot placement
  • be able to perform all required lifts safely and
  • learn and demonstrante how to sit properly

Your spine anchors all of your lifting!  Learn how to increase the size of your anchor - the spine - and learn how to lift properly.  Four types of transfers and five type of lifts are taught (if appropriate) for your situation.  Mechanical lifts are also available in this workshop, and how to use a transfer belt properly may also be taught.

When you have completed the workshop, you will have recieved some literature on safe lifting, practised all appropriate lift techniques and learned some basic stretches for your spine.

Workshops are available on a group or an individual basis.  They are tailored specifically to your organizational or personal needs.

If you want to lift properly and your spine's health is important to you, then you should not hesitate to join our workshop, and learn how to protect yourself and your spine, as well as the person you're lifting.  Learn how to lift properly beforehand so that you don't have to deal with the devastating pain and significant cost of recovery due to a back injury from poor lifting habits.

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