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Rants and Raves....

“Really enjoyed the sessions.  Although possibly the therapy would have been slightly more effective if delivered in a clinical setting it is hard to conceive of a clinical setting that would provide the required facilities therefore not much more effective if the facility could be obtained.”
    – Harry Boddington

“As you know I loved the rehab.  Except for a continuing medical problem for which I will be getting a second opinion in June I would be definitely be in the water.”
    – Anonymous

“I have a mild form of spinal bifida, which was first diagnosed at the age of 30.  Since then I have been hospitalized three times, had MRI's, CAT scans, worked with physical therapists, seen chiropractors, received acupunctures and massage therapy which only gave me little or short term comfort.  With each treatment I started to believe that quality of life and the level of activity, which I was able to enjoy, was diminishing to a level where my only concern was, when it would take my career.  With my inactivity came weight increase, depression and great frustration. I met Flo Slomp of FJS Rehabilitation, at the age of 49 and felt it was going to be just another person who could not offer any long term improvement, or just another unsuccessful treatment.  Was I ever wrong! The treatment offered me a great sense of confidence that I did not have to live my life without physical activity which I used to enjoy and the level of pain which I experienced on a daily basis. As an update almost one year later with the help of Flo Slomp's treatments and supervision I have gone from 212 pounds to 170 pounds, also greatly improving my cardio condition.  I have not had any back pain or other adverse symptoms since.  Flo's treatments have made the greatest difference to my physical and mental well being.  Thank you Flo      Life's WONDERFUL.”
    – Bob Little

“When I agreed to do this program, after surgery, I expected exercise and nothing more.  What I got was therapy from the heart.  Flo embarrassed me as an individual and didn't focus only on physical recovery, but a full emotional, spiritual and mental approach to health and life.  I looked forward every week, to my pool sessions and always left feeling more positive, healthy and with a spring in my step.  Thanks Flo, you're the best.”
    – Gail Briton

“Excellent Program”
    – Anonymous

“Knowledgeable and personal therapist.”
    – Anonymous

“I was more than satisfied with the rehab program designed for me.  Had it not been for Flo, I know that I still would have been using a walker and in lots of pain.  I now use a cane outside and for walks the Nordic walking sticks and am amazed how my mobility exceeds my expectations.  I cannot thank Flo enough for her care and friendship.  Her concern for my welfare was genuine I have recommended her service to friends.”
    – Birgith Hedegaard

“My mobility was decreasing and it was getting harder to do simple tasks (for example - washing my face, reaching behind my back, combing my hair, stretching my arms out, etc.).  My doctor had referred me to Flo Slomp, Exercise Physiologist, I was looking for an alternative method besides drugs to alleviate the pain in my joints and also to increase the mobility of my joints.  Flo carefully evaluated my mobility and what kinds of issues I was having doing various tasks in my work and home life.  We started with simple exercises that I could accomplish without pain and slowly she increased the intensity as I became used to the exercises.  I found just after a few sessions that I have more energy, my swelling has decreased and my mobility has definitely improved!  I would highly recommend getting in touch with Flo for an evaluation, I know that I am glad I did.”
    – A. Zeeh (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

“Compassionate and motivating.  Great sense of how hard to push you so you can reach your potential.  Fun and doesn't allow you to quit.”
    – Dan O’Reilly, B.Ed.

“Flo is a professional who cares not only how you are healing physically, but emotionally as well.  Her knowledge of rehab. exercise has always make me feel perfectly safe.  Her compassion & encouragement along with the water exercises have given me a huge improvement in my quality of life.  Thanks so much….”
    – Diane Seatter

“Thank you Flo for helping me to regain my mobility after 2 years on disability.  The pain and muscular weakness from fibromyalgia was almost more than I could bear.
Flo you helped me get moving again, work through the pain without hurting myself and reduce my pain medication significantly.
You also helped me with some very emotional issues.  Talking with you helped me come to a new understanding of my illness and how positive thoughts are connected to positive health.
I appreciated the information you shared with me on diet and nutrition.  All of these elements of my individual treatment plan helped me to get back to work again, something that I didn't think I would be able to do again.  As a final bonus I feel I made a new friend.  Thank-you Flo.  In friendship and health.”
    – Cheri Matthew

“I feel that the water therapy given was top notch and at first was a non believer, however after a couple of sessions my mental and physical condition had changed.  It is a great healing treatment and the provider is both professional as well as knowledgeable and is willing to go the extra mile for her clients.”
    – Gary

“Flo genuinely cares about her clients and is dedicated to ensuring that her clients get well and get back to enjoying life again!  From the moment she assesses you to working with you on your own unique rehab program, she continues to demonstrate her commitment and caring.  She nurtures, she pushes, and she celebrated your successes.  There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be as far along in my rehabilitation if it wasn't for her.  She gave my life back and I will always be forever grateful.  I am her biggest fan!.”
    – Malonee Hnatyshyn

“I found the program was designed to my specific physical needs and notices a definite difference while in therapy.”
    – Arlene Zeeh

“No complaints.  The exercise program has definitely improved my life.”
    – Anonymous

“Keep up the good work.”
    – Bert Padberg

“The exercises Flo created were perfect for the problem I would be having that day.  Each lesson was very specific to the condition I was in and seemed to work to minimize symptoms.
Flo you gave a lot of positive reinforcement.  She was an enthusiastic presence at the side of the pool.  She was most flexible in adjusting her time so that she could some to my home one day to teach my family some stretches to help me with.
She is sensitive to psychological aspects.  I always feel renewed after a chat and exercise period.  I think it is amazing how effective this treatment can be made to be by Flo.  I would prefer not to get wet, dress, undress, drive in the winter and spend as much time as it takes to swim but nothing else works as well.”
    – Joyce Pinckney

“Water has been the most wonderful and virtually painless form of rehab/exercise I have ever been apart of …Flo sees everything, hears only positives and speaks softly.  She’s an angel most times!”
    – Carol Agterbos

“The rehabilitation from FJS I have had, has improved my condition very much.  The pool exercise have had much success for me.”
    – Bert Padberg, retired

"Flo is caring, collaborative and competent.  She supported me through my post-op recovery and worked with me as an active partner to establish a successful rehabilitative program.  We problem solved together through work, home and activity questions. I gained a lot of insight, information and skills that I have been able to put to good use in my everyday life.  Highly recommended!"
    – Kari Elliott, MSc, PT

“Following my mountain biking accident, Flo created a program that was comprehensive and completely tailored to my injuries.  After my experience with Flo I would not consider anyone else.”
    – Andrew Gilbert,  student UBC

“I am so thankful to have had the expertise of FJS as I prepared for and recovered from my hip replacement surgery.  I believe that the attention to the details of my condition and Flo's ingenuity when it came to tailoring the water exercises to my changing conditions made for a much speedier and stronger recovery.  I will be forever grateful to her.”
    – Dr. Heather Blair

“After having a Type II odontoid fracture (broken neck) and spending 3 months in a halo vest and 6 weeks in a Philadelphia collar, I was recommended to FJS rehabilitation.  Flo then set up a personalized rehab program for me where I started out in the water, moved up to free weight and then finished with free weights.  After 3 months of working with Flo she set up a return to work program and I returned to work as a Heavy Duty Mechanic and am able to do all the activities I did before.  With out Flo and her program I would have never been in shape to return to work.”
    – Anonymous

“I liked the way Flo treated me and the understanding she had of my situation; with the introduction of more and more challenging exercises she helped me improve both my physical and emotional strength.  She wrote down the instructions for my independent work (rehabilitation) which helped me achieve my goals.  I recommend Flo to anyone frustrated with a chronic back problem.”
    – Karl Smolek

“Everything was helpful.  I appreciated the fact that I was not charged for repetitions of exercises needed between re-assessment.”
    – Anonymous

“- a little costly could be $10.00 less.
- you know your information and is passed on in a very knowledgeable manner.
- Information re: nutrition and ground exercises could be passed on during the program, as every little bit counts”
    – Anonymous

“The program is so good, but my problem is so stubborn, after taking so many sessions I’m still not recovering.  I plan to go back to the program later.”
    – Anonymous

“My personal experience with Flo was the most productive service and positive outlook I have ever experienced.  I strongly feel that the Healthcare system should provide AquaTherapy as a vital means of rehabilitation.  On a personal note Flo’s jokes and attitude complete the rehabilitation journey.  As I’ve always said to her ‘ we are like fish out of water until Flo floats us’.  Thanks again Flo!!!”
    – S. Evans

“The support of water in rehab is amazing.  I could not do without it.  I’m glad this service was offered to me and recommend it to others needing this help.  Too bad it is not covered by health care with the government.”
    – Jayne

“I am not very good at continuing a program once the supervised portion of the program is finished.  I find other things to do when I should be going to the pool.  This is my failure, not the program.”
    – Anonymous

“Thank you Flo for making me better.  Through taking your program I have strengthened my hip, and I no longer have pain.  I was so thankful to find you.  You helped me thorough a long and difficult process after my hip surgery.  We were not sure what to do anymore.  We had been through a lot of rehab and I wasn’t responding to anything.  I was very weak, in a lot of pain and through your program that you created for me, and your positive approach in the aid of my recovery.  I am feeling stronger and able to do more activity.  It was hard to deal with the reality of my physical incapabilities.  Through your support and encouragement you helped me to believe that through hard work, a positive attitude and determination that I would be able to regain the ability to do physical activities again.  I continue to exercise, and got the pool when I can, and I think of you every time I put on my flippers and snorkel. 
I enjoyed getting to know you, you have a special place my heart, and I will never forget what you have done for me.  I hope we can get together again sometime.  You are a true healer with a passion to help get well!”
    – Nicholas Christensen – Age 14

“Flo you are very knowledgeable in your field of expertise.  The pace you set me on was excellent.  I have had no further problems with my back.  This program should be part of our AHC so all who need it could benefit.  Thank you again Flo.”
    – Anonymous

“When I first started the program I was scared and in pain.  I seriously feared the loss of my independence.  Flo talked me through and encouraged my progress.  Her skills at helping me see the need for restraint as well as challenges were both professional and personal.  This has been a very difficult time that would have been much worse.  She has helped me set goals and accomplish more that I had hoped for.  I am forever grateful.”
    – Anonymous

“I appreciated the specialized exercises for my injured elbow (head of the radius bone).  I still use them outside the water and think they are helping to increase my range of motion.
Since I have finished physiotherapy I have more time but I have not returned to the pool.  I hope to go in the warmer weather.  Water therapy was much less painful and I would highly recommend it.  I was surprised that my surgeon and therapist did not stress this.  The cost of the water therapy was a bit high as I was paying for my other therapy sessions.”
    – Anonymous

“Flo is a very dedicated professional.  The minute I made the wrong moves – she corrected me immediately.  I had serious back surgery and after 8 months of neurological physio I started my water rehab with Flo.  It has made a world of difference in my recovery.”
    – Gudrun Maassen